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Apr 28, 2020 at 09:43 AM

SAP WPB: How to upload zip files via SAP WPB?


Hello. I will be grateful if the experts help. There are very few questions on this subject.

I create DKP objects on SAP Workforce Performance Builder Version 9.5 (SAP WPB) to publish distance learning courses on the LSO portal (SAP NetWeaver Portal). There is no problem publishing these courses on the portal.

But now there is a need to upload courses offered by another company. They provide distance learning courses in the form of SCORM files archived in a ZIP file. When I upload this file to our portal and integrate it with the LSO module, the file does not open correctly. I checked: no file that was uploaded to the portal as a ZIP file is displayed correctly. The system either writes Error 404, or offers to download the ZIP file to the computer.

The documentation says that SAP Workforce Performance Builder Version 9.5 supports SCORM files. Question: why SCORM files archived in ZIP do not display correctly on the portal? What is the reason?
How to upload zip files via SAP WPB so that they work and appear the same as published DKP files?