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Apr 28, 2020 at 08:53 AM

Production Order - Delivered Quantity Change identification


Hello All,

For the PRoduction order created via CO01 , there could be multiple transaction from where GR Can happen or Production order Quantity can be changed. For example:

'CO01' 'CO02' 'COHV' 'CO40' 'CO15' 'CO11N'

EWM Scenario like: /SCWM/RFUI

PK13N Kanban Board - This has further lot of sub processes.

COWBHUWE Goods receipt HU


And also other possible Transaction. . .

I am working on a scenario where i need to commonly identify Production Order 'Order Quantity' or 'Delivered Quantity' Or 'Dates' Change and Need to Trigger a IDOC .

I have Logic to trigger Production Order (RCCLORD standard Report), but not getting a single place from where this idoc can be triggered for the Tcodes(Processes) listed above. Can anyone suggest if there is any common place to do enhancement ?

Following Enhancement Points are already checked.


PPCO0007 Exit when saving production order - User Exit

PPCO0012 Production Order: Display/Change Order Header Data - User Exit.

EXIT_SAPLLOI1_002 is also checked. This is not a common solution too.

More DEtails: The Tcode Listed above are from Cross Modules like PP , MM , EWM Etc.. System is Hana 1909 system and EWM is not a seperate system.


Nikhil Kulkarni