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Apr 28, 2020 at 06:16 AM

SAP Personas


There is a scrollbar in T-code CJR2, as shown below.

In the above screen, If we scroll down, Only the Simple container "Variables" elements are moving up and down.

But here the problem is: If I tried to change the "To Period" to the side of "From Period" in edit mode and saved the flavor, Then after clicking on exit and coming back from edit mode and checked my flavor, The "To Period" will be besides "From Period" at first and after I scroll down by scroll bar, the variables down the "To Period" like "FIscal Year" comes to position of "To Period" i.e., besides "To Period" and "From Period" goes above.Likewise if i scrolled by scrollbar the variables are shifting positions. See the below screenshot and compare with the above screen.

Here from the above screenshot you can see, Not only the positions but also the sizes of Text boxes, As To Period box is small compared to WBS Element, Only some portion of text "WBS Ele" is visible. So how can I upcome this issue.

And also if we scroll down , along with places does Properties also exchanged as happened here between "To Period" and "WBS Element" Text boxes??

Please help me out in this issue. Thanking in Advance.


edited-screen.png (21.8 kB)