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Apr 24, 2020 at 06:10 AM

Sandbox System for Business Partner (A2X) API returns fields that aren't defined in the EDMX


Hello SAP API Business Hub Community,

Following the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model documentation on Mocking App Services I've created a mock service for the S/4HANA Business Partner based on the Business Partner (A2X) API. You can find the project on GitHub: s4hana-business-partner-mock. As I want to provide some consistent test data I also called the entity A_CustomerSalesArea in the "Try it out" mode of and copy & pasted the result into the srv/init.js implementation. When I then ran

npm run deploy:local

I've got an error complaining that the fields:


do not exist in the entity A_CustomerSalesArea. And looking into the EDMX file that was confirmed.

So my question is: Why isn't the Sandbox service in sync with the offered EDMX?

Best regards