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Apr 23, 2020 at 09:22 AM

UnknowHostException when running sftp adapter virtural procedures


Hi experts,

When we run the sftp adapter virtural procedures with the following parameters and the result is that

"Could not connect to SFTP server at "sftp://XXXXXXXXX.""

call "DEMO"."File_Adpt_SFTP" ('DOWNLOAD', 'user', 'password', 'demo-filesv', '22', '/_data', 'C:/usr/sap/dataprovagent/_data', ?);

And then I created the remote source with SFTPAdapterDatastore and tried to read the file from sftp and get the following error.

Cannot get remote source objects:

We get the access successfully to sftp in scpi with the same host.

But the sdi is different with the scpi. Please do we need any one to succeed it??

Best regards,