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Apr 24, 2020 at 02:35 PM

Charm - Unable to change the status of charm


Hello All,

We are unable to change the status of support charm from "Authorized for Productin" to "Imported into Production" after importing the Transport into production system manually. When we tried to change the status from AFP to "imported into Production" getting the following error "Transport request has not yet been imported into system" though the transport imported successfully to production system. We are on solution manager 7.2 SP9.

I found a releavnt note "2460678 - Charm: Error Transport Request is not flagged for import" which suggests to Update component CTS_PLUGIN of the system which you want to import to(managed system). But we do not have component CTS_PLUGIN in managed system. I do not think there is no need to update the component in solution manager system as we are able change the status for all other managed system(only issue with one system).

Could you please help me to resolve this issue?

Note:- We were able to change the status of charm till last week, there are no changes made in the system(except Kernel upgrade, ST-PI, ST-API upgrade performed in the managed system). Kernel upgrade, ST-PI, ST-API upgrade performed on other managed systems on the same date.