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Apr 23, 2020 at 09:15 AM

VF11 inconsistency


when i create billing document, net value calculated at Conditions tab in header KOMP-NETWR is calculated as basic price (PR00) plus /minus rounding off value (DIFF) but the value updated at VBRK-NETWR is on basic price (PR00).It is not calculating rounding off value in VBRK-NETWR. DIFF condition type has routines in pricing procedure as 13,16,4.

When i am going to cancel the same billing document in VF11 invoice net value comes as VBRK-NETWR (without rounding off amount) and cancel invoice net value is coming as komp-netwr(with rounding off value). As net values are not matching for original invoice and cancel invoice system is not allowing me to cancel the invoice due do inconsistent data.

can anyone help me out with this??