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Apr 21, 2020 at 08:46 PM

Update user status in maintenance plans in bulk


Hi experts!

My client needs a program to perform a mass updating of the user status in maintenance plans, but I can't to find a BAPI to do it... Then, I found that it's possible perform mass update of maintenance plans with the activation of the switch EAM_SFWS_CC3_MPLAN_MASS_CHANGE from the BF LOG_EAM_CI_7, but I don't know if this option is among the benefits it offers.

The option to do it using LSMW was discarded because isn't possible perform a scroll down between the user status, and to do it by script, it should always be done in the production system by a functional with a special user.

Do you know a BAPI to carry out this update or if it is possible to do it with the activation of the BF?

Thanks & Regards,

Maidana, Alex.