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Apr 22, 2020 at 01:12 PM

Decouple Subscriptions from Email-Permission


Hi Experts,

assume a contact has given his email Opt-In and also has some Subscriptions.

Now the email permission changes to Opt-Out. The subscriptions that are based on email also always change to Opt-Out (with the information that the system overruled the settings made by the contact).

For Communication Categories like Online-Newsletter that behavior is correct and like we need it.

But we also have a "Print-Newsletter" Category and therefore we would still need the Opt-In even if the Permission for email changes.

Does anyone know if or how it is possible to decouple the email permission from a subscription? Or any workaround to solve that problem?

In addition to that, where (in which field) can I see the information that the Subscription has been overruled by the system and is not the one that the contact gave us?

BR Tobias


opt-in.png (26.9 kB)
opt-out.png (22.9 kB)