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Apr 20, 2020 at 07:48 PM

Crystal Reports - Conditional record sorting


I'm attempting to sort report records based on multiple fields, but not as simple as Field A - ascending, Field B - descending, etc. My records have fields "machine", "fault", "magnitude", and "date". Machines are given a fault at a certain magnitude on a certain date. I want to sort based first on "magnitude" (descending) and then "machine"' (ascending), "fault" (ascending), and then "date" (ascending). However, the kicker is that a "machine" may have more than one "fault" and possibly assigned a different "magnitude". I want all "faults" assigned to the same "machine" to be sorted one after the other, even if the "faults" are different "magnitudes"

For example, Machine A has a fault assigned Significant. Machine B has two faults: Severe and Insignificant. Machine C has a fault assigned Severe. Machine D has a fault assigned Insignificant. Machine E has two faults both assigned Significant.

The correct order would be:

Machine B - severe

Machine B - insignificant

Machine C - severe

Machine A - significant

Machine E - significant 1

Machine E - significant 2

Machine D - insignificant

Essentially, I want the records to be supported based on "magnitude" but with "faults" regardless of "magnitudes" for identical "machines" to be kept together.