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Apr 20, 2020 at 10:28 AM

Issue in setting up ILM with connected SCM system



I get an error in ILM in our ERP-system when running CVP_PRE_EOP – Block Customer and Vendor Master Data:

Error when setting up connection to SCM system EWPCLNT500, Message no. XC241

This is our productive EWM system which is maintained in TC: NDV2, table NDISYSTEMS together with development and quality system. The table is customizing and we are not expecting to change that.

My question is how to avoid ILM checking NDV2 since I do not want to have RFC connection from my ERP dev client to EWM prod client?

I have maintained CVP_EOPCONS_V with ERP dev system and CVP_REGSYSRMT_V with EWM dev system.