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Apr 17, 2020 at 11:15 AM

WCM - Approval revoked in WCD is not revoked in WCA


Hello everyone,

I have an enhanced model for my customer's project and in this architecture, I have an approval "WC-MANOEUV" in my WCA which is also present in my WCD. In customizing, this approval is issued automatically in the WCD when it is prepared. I have also already defined a hierarchy for the approvals and defined the cross-document approval process: so if my approval "WC-MANOEUV" is issued in my WCD, then it will be issued as well in my WCA (see image 1)

So, I have also defined in customizing that the WC-MANOEUV will be issued automatically in my WCD when the WCD is set prepared. Thus, the WC-MANOEUV in my WCA will also be issued, until here everything is fine.

Now the problem: I have defined that when I revoked "Prepared" on my WCD, my WC-MANOEUV will be revoked as well:

BUT: the approval WC-MANOEUV stays issued in my WCA:

So when I issue my approval in my WCD, it is issued in my WCA. But when I revoke my approval in my WCD, it is NOT revoked in my WCA: I have to do it manually.

The only way I see in customizing to revoke an approval is based on a system/user status (in groups/groupings in the master data).

Can someone let me know if there is a way/BAdI/enhancement,... to link the revoke between a WCD and a WCA?

Thanks a lot,

Dany R.


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