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Apr 21, 2020 at 08:38 PM

SAP Analytics Cloud- Measure Based Input Control


We have one of the unique requirement

Our all calcualtions are based on Measures (so we have 6-7 measures)

For our reporting requirement, we have to create multiple Restricted measures, there is no way out here as we have specific design. now as i need to create this restricted measures for each 6-7 measures.

Do we have a way out where ,based on Measure based input control, these restricted measure can be calculated.

i.e. i have 5 measures

Measure 1

Measure 2

MEasure 3

MEasure 4

Made one Measure based input control for story.

Now for Measure 1, i have created Restricted Measure (RM1, RM2 and RM3) and that's for each Measure. So ideally, it will be 12 Restricted Measures.

Any way by selected one input control, we can get this done.

Also can we have dynamic name of Restricted measures? as of now, we can only give static names

Thank you