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Apr 21, 2020 at 06:57 AM

Time Off LOA (FMLA)


Hi Expert,

Could you please help on the below question?

If someone in the US goes on LOA with the time type of “Family Medical Leave Act” (FMLA), they are entitled to benefits for 86 days. After the 86th day – they can still be on a leave, but they are on a new leave type that does NOT include benefits.

If someone is on leave type of FMLA – when the 86th day of their leave arrives, can we automatically change their leave type to something else? Via a business rule or something like that?

An added issue is that someone is allowed 86 days of leave with benefits in a given 12 month period. So, in January if they start and complete 84 days of leave, they have 2 days left in the 12 month period. If they come back, then go on leave again, after 2 days, their benefits stop, and they need to go on a new leave type (one that doesn’t allow benefits). I know you can “accrue” time off for vacation days, etc, but can you accrue time off days for an LOA leave type, then key off of that for something?