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Apr 16, 2020 at 03:35 PM

Issue while referring the Master Page from a MasterForm (Fragment) in new AdobeLiveCycle designer.

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Hello All,

I am facing issue while utilizing the Fragment based Adobe From approach for building an Output Layout.

I am taking Content Form "MM_PUR_PURCHASE_ORDER" as an example. I downloaded the same from 'Maintain Form Template' Fiori App along also downloaded Master Form "APOC_DEMO_FORM_MASTER_AE" along with it.

As you are aware a Master Form is used/referred inside a Content Form, so that we can use the Master Pages defined inside a Master Form while building a Content Form. So Master Form is kind of reusable collection of Master Pages.

Please see the below screenshots of Content Form "MM_PUR_PURCHASE_ORDER" in Adobe Live Cycle designer to get the picture:

Now coming to the 'bdyMain' SubForm of this Layout where we would be referring the Master Pages.

This issue is when I try to change this to the Local Master Page of this Content form i.e.(Master Pages)>mstDummy.

I hope I was able to make everyone understand my issue. You can try this if you have got latest Adobe Live Cycle designer and S4 HANA system access to download these Form Templates. Is this a bug of Adobe Live Cycle designer. The above highlighted scenario can happen, while designing Content Forms there are chances we might accidentally remove the reference and if we cannot bring it back then we would need to start building from scratch. If we are pretty careful then its okay. Helpful comments much appreciated.




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