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Apr 21, 2020 at 07:40 AM

Closing old Plants and all relevant masterdata


I'm assigned with the task to set up guidlines for how to handle closed plants and deleting relevant master data.

As per my understanding we have to:

1. Make sure there are no stock available (MB52)
2. Check valuated stock (MB5L)
3. Check stock in transit (MB5T)
4. Set *Do Not Use* as plant name (OX10)
5. Delete Plant assignment to Purch.Org (OX17)
6. Delete Plant assignment to Sales Org (OVX6)
7. Remove QTY/Value update via Mat.Type (OMS2)
Once these steps are done we can start to set deletion flags on relevant master data/records such as

1. Material on Storage Location Level
2. Material on Plant Level
3. Purchasing Info Records
4. Routings

Also, I guess we will have to set *do not use* or remove the storage locations as well?

After this has been done we can delete the records and set up archiving jobs?

Is there already best practices for these activities, since I assume that I have missed some steps in the process?!