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Apr 11, 2006 at 02:59 PM

Set qualified multivalue-lookup table Value to main table through Java API


Hello together,

I have some trouble with a qualified multivalue lookup table and the Java API: I am currently not able to create a main-table record with a value for this qualified table using the Java API.

My scenario looks as follows:

Main Table: 'Person' [has a name, address and so on]

Qualified Lookup: 'CleansingCase' => lookup-table= 'CleansingCases':

- display field: 'Search Pattern' => Lookup Field to 'Search Patterns' table

- qualifier: 'Group' => Lookup Field to 'Groups' table

My program correctly fills the subtables 'Search Patterns' and 'Groups'. Also, the CleansingCases table was filled.

What I want to do now is to update an existing entry from the main table by assigning an Entry from the CleansingCase table. But unfortunately, I only receive a "StringException: ModifyQualifiedLinks error" 😔

It would really be great if there was somebody out there who can help me...

Some of my coding:

QualifiedLinkArray qualifiedLinkArray = new QualifiedLinkArray();
QualifiedLink qualifiedLink = new QualifiedLink();

qualifiedLink.GetQualifiers().Add(new A2iField("Group"));

int recID = <maintable-recordId> ;
int changeStamp = <maintable-record-ChangeStamp> ;

catalog.AddQualifiedLinks(<table>, "CleansingCase", recID, qualifiedLinkArray, changeStamp );

I am more than happy to provide more information if needed 😊

Thanks in advance,