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Apr 20, 2020 at 06:06 PM

delEntry static Java function error in SAP B1 Integration Framework


Hello everybody!

I'm new developing on SAP but i'm enthusatic to do it, that's why I'm here for, to resolve a problem which isn't letting me progress in my project.

This project is based in developing a web page can consume SAP services, the problematic ones are add and update orders which ones I need to use an SDK or something, and I found a tutorial from SAP to create a simple scenario in Integration Framework 2.0 to consume through an HTTP request so I followed the tutorial (I couldn't do all the steps because some options are missing in mi IF) when I finished all the process I could make a POST but never get a response so I checked the monitor inside IF and found in the logs that one function called "delEntry" have an error, but I don't recognize this function anywhere, making a stop on my progress to develop the project.

¿Could someone guide me to solve my problem to find an alternative solution to my project? Thanks!

This is the log I get: sap1.png(90.4 kB)

This is the tutorial: Tutorial


sap1.png (90.4 kB)