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Apr 20, 2020 at 11:26 AM

Movement type & GL & Price determination


Dear experts,

Once we make reverse goods movement with 108, (for the goods receipt of 107), we realized that there is a price difference in the GR/IR account. Here is the scenario, 100 pieces are received with statistical goods movement 107, purchase order price was 2 USD. Then GR/IR account is credited with 200 USD. Then invoice is verified but with different price as 2,1 USD for piece. In the accounting document, GR/IR account is debited with 200 USD and 10 USD difference is sent to material cost account. Everything is normal so far. However afterwards warehouse colleagues make a reverse goods movement via 108 for 100 pieces (whole quantity), GR/IR is triggered with invoicing price as 210 USD and it creates 10 USD difference in GR/IR account. My question is how system defines where to take price according to movement types? What is the customizing?

Thank you