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Apr 20, 2020 at 11:55 AM

Simple Question, Difficult Answer???


This is an issue that is having me question SAP. I run a production plant and I enter the exact units and numbers and it is still off. I basically tell SAP that I used X amount in the second picture and it should theoretically subtract it from the first picture and then the revised inventory should be the original amount minus what I had entered. 3 apples minus 3 apples should be zero.

For understanding, I am entering the amount in metric tons because it requires me to do so with this certain material, so I do so and that unit (TO, or metric tons written out) is the same as what is on the stockpile screens in pictures 1 and 3. Read the comments within the picture too, as this is an email I have put out to a fellow colleague. Please Help!!! Greatly appreciated.


capture.png (213.0 kB)