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Apr 16, 2020 at 08:02 AM

XSA: Apply a Custom Theme to Launchpad Site


Hello experts,

I'm landing into XSA and trying to apply a custom theme for a launchpad site module in XSA. The theme was created with the SAP UI Theme designer tool, exported in a zip file and then uploaded under my project folder for a Fiori Launchpad Site module.

The structure would be as follows, where "themes" subfolder contains the new theme "custom_belize_logo" :

Then, following SAP HANA Developer Guide for XSA's instructions for this topic I completed site-content.json with the new theme name:

		"payload": {			
                           "": {
				"_version": "1.2.0",
				"config": {
					"": "sap_belize_custom",
					"": "[\"sap_hcb\",\"sap_belize_plus\",\"sap_belize\", \"sap_belize_custom\"]"
	"siteThemes": {
		"sap_belize_custom": {
			"description": "SAP Belize Custom",
			"name": "custom_belize_logo",
			"path": "custom_belize_logo"

Then within "routes" in xs-app.json:

		"source": "/themes/(.*)",
		"target": "$1",
		"localDir": "themes"

However, when deploying to XSA I got the following error stating that themes is not a directory:

So I must be missing something obviously. I would appreciate a lot if you could point me out where I'm failing.

Thanks a lot for your time and assistance.