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Apr 15, 2020 at 08:34 PM

The best way/approach to create a Crystal Sales Report for SAP Business One



I have experience working with Crystal reports, but I have a few months working with SAP Business One. I need to start creating some sale reports.

I have the tables OINV (Header) and INV1 (details). I already selected the following parameter {OINV.DocDate} = {?Date} and {OINV.CANCELED} = "N", and I validated the data running reports, the only difference I have are the transactions made in A/R Credit memo. I already know which tables to use, but I cannot include those tables because when you match two details tables the data is duplicated, everything is double.

Now, what would be the recommended approach?

Create he sales report and add the credit memo report as a subreport? and match it either for customer or item number?, but if the match is not true, I can have Credit Memo and no sales, and the data may not appear as negative in the main report.

Thank you for your help or guide, I really appreciate it!