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Apr 09, 2020 at 09:11 PM

uninstall FESV5 component in XSA


I have installed FESV5 XSA 1 1.60.25 in our XSA (HANA Platform 2.0)

But now I want to uninstall FESV5 XSA1.60.25 bcos the HANA cockpit version is not compatible with the 1.60.25 (it requires 1.60.18).

I tried the command xs uninstall

xs uninstall sapui5_fesv5
Really uninstall 'sapui5_fesv5' ? (y/n)> y

Running uninstallation of "sapui5_fesv5" in org "zsapxx" / space "SAP" as XSA_ADMIN...
ERR The sapui5_fesv5 cannot be found

is there a way to uninstall just the component alone?