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Apr 16, 2020 at 07:42 AM

Ariba Standard and Custom Mappings - Understanding/Mapping Issues


Hi Experts,

I am bit confused in the standard and custom mappings in Ariba. I am new to ariba development and tried to clarify using the implementation guide but not that clear. I am working on Ariba Invoice interface.

Standard Mapping Source & Target -

cXML Source Structure ---> Multimapped to cXML & Invoice Idoc

Custom Mapping Source & Target-

Multimapped structure cXML & Invoice Idoc --> Invoice Idoc Only

Queries which are in my mind regarding this implementation are mentioned below.Please help me to get these clarified.

1) Why can we implement the same in one mapping? It looks like cascading structures.

2) In the standard mapping, I can see 3 E1EDP01 & 6-7 E1EDP02 as per the requirement might have been added by some developer(Change Request I am working on-So, already existing interface). But, in custom mapping on 1 E1EDP01 & E1EDP02 are there so there is an issue at line item level.Why is this so?

3) There is some bug logic added in the custom mapping field E1EDP01 & E1EDP02, but my changes requires these fields to be replicated at line item level. If I make any changes, existing changes will be impacted. How can I proceed further?


Best Regards,

Nidhi Srivastava