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Apr 10, 2020 at 06:48 PM

Add new client under dev system in Charm


Hello All,

We have 3 clients(100, 110 & 200) in our dev systems. Initially we configured only 110 client in charm(meaning we were able to create transport only in 110 client from Charm change document). We got a requirement to add client 100, I have added client 100 under customizing system(as 110 is already there under development system) in corresponding logical component (using t-code SLAN) & redefined the landscape(using t-code SM_CRM). Then I was able to create transport in 100 client from charm.

Now, we got a requirement add client 200 in charm. I see only 2 clients (related dev system) can be added (one under development system & one under customizing system). Is there anyway we can add third client related to dev system in corresponding logical component in SLAN? ( I can see there are options like demo system, training system, SAP reference system, evaluation system etc. but not sure if I can add it under these systems).


We are on Solman 7.2 SP09.