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Apr 14, 2020 at 10:07 AM

Integration From AutoCAD in Inventior with SAP PLM Ribbon for AutoCAD and Inventor



Normal behaviour in Inventor with AutoCAD files is you can Import the AutoCAD drawings in Inventor Parts with Ribbon -> Manage -> Import. And use this 2D geometry as reference to other parts and assemblies.

But we have SAP PLM ribbon for Inventor and SAP PLM ribbon for AutoCAD but this function does not work as expected.

When we make some lay-outs of factories in Inventor we use the tools Inventor has for linking AutoCAD drawings to our 3D models.

With all SAP PLM Ribbons installed, we want to import an AutoCAD file, already present in the ECTR, in our Inventor model; ECTR won’t let us

On import we get the Error E02512 It isn't allowed to add the document ACM/10000014625/000/00 as component

I have Report saved, but it cannot be attached.

Can you tell us want to do to make this possible?

Danny Motshagen

Key User ECTR

AutoCAD mechanical 2018 - Inventor Professional 2018.3.4 - SAP ECTR connector version: - SAP FrontEnd version: 5.1 - Backend Version: V - ECTR v