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Apr 10, 2020 at 09:45 PM

Error in File temp_{guid} Failed to load database information SP27


I am running a VS2019 environment with .net 4.6. My project is Web Api and I have a library for a CrystalReports service.I am receiving the following error:

Error in File temp_66009bf9-6a2d-4184-895a-1d543ba0a14a 2672_2216_{64F682DC-D0A4-4CBE-A2CF-1B617B9251AB}.rpt: Failed to load database information.

I have installed CRforVS13SP27_0-10010309 on both my dev and prod web server. Works in dev but fails in production.

I have reviewed several posts and some have helped and some are not for my environment. For this particular issue I have not found a solution.

var rptFile = "c:\filepath-to-webserver\app_data\crystal\CReport.rpt"

using (CReport rpt = new CReport())
// dtCrystal passed in; has 1 row and System.Data.DataTable has TableName set
rpt.SetDataSource(dtCrystal); // fails here


I have tried many iterations without success and need some help. Thanks,