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Apr 07, 2020 at 05:45 PM

Backend ECC connection to CPI


I am getting error 'SSSLERR_SERVER_CERT_MISMATCH (-30)#Server certificate does not match supplied TargetHostname##SapSSLSessionStartNB()==SSSLERR_SERVER_CERT_MISMATCH# TargetHostname' while testing trial-CPI service from ECC. I have created http connection in SM59 and added the required certificate in STRUST. Earlier there was another issue that I was getting Certificate Missmatch error and I checked the ICM log and found that server was expecting certificate with CN as 'CN=*, O=SAP SE, L=Walldorf, C=DE'. Then I got this certificate from '' added it to STRUST and now I am getting 'Hostname' mismatch error however I can see the entry *' with DNSName it the certificate.