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Apr 06, 2020 at 07:43 AM

SAP Gateway exception handling logging to the SLG1 Application Log object /IWBEP/ and /IWFND/


Hello Gateway experts,

I have a question regarding to best practices of Gateway exception handling and the logging towards SLG1 Application log, I'm specifically talking about 2 use cases:
1. Gateway service to process a request and raise a business exception when there's an error, e.g. saving of a Payment
2. Gateway service to validate data entry on the User Interface by raising a business or technical exception, e.g. is the IBAN entered correct

Do note, difference in business (expected possible errors 400) and technical exception (unexpected 500) is the status code.

From what I see, all exceptions that are raised are being logged to in the Application log ( /IWBEP/, /IWFND/ ), which is absolutely great. But we are seeing a lot of users entering wrong data (case 2), causing our application log to fill up with things we do not want to followup on.

Question: Does anyone have the same 'problem' as described above? How do you tackle it?

Code references in SAP standard: