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Apr 07, 2020 at 10:02 AM

Duplicate specification creation


Hi All ,

We have a client who sends data via Oasis/PI middleware to SAP EHS system . From client we receive data as XML format to OASIS and then from OASIS Idocs are triggered to SAP EHS system .

When an Idoc is triggered from Oasis to EHS system , it must perform 2 action either creation of specification or updation of specification .

An incoming idoc will check for an entry in ESTRI using design code and then from ESTRH table specification details will be retrieved . If there is no specification available for that design code a new specification will be created or else existing specification will be updated with idoc information .

Also many check and lock mechanism are also implemented to avoid duplicate specification .

Issue :

When two or more idocs triggered at same time its getting proccessed at same time therefore when two idocs search in table there will be no specification available , therefore both idocs creates new specification .

We cannot stop the data getting triggered from client and the only possible way is to implement in EHS system.

Kindly provide me some information to overcome this issue .

regards ,

suresh .