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Mar 25, 2020 at 03:57 PM

Not liking new software tools based on hana


Dear experts,

Being frank,I am not liking the transformation,the way sap has lead on its development tools in these past years.

I have been on ABAP as well as PI for last 15 years. Midway I had been firmly speaking against using oops.Even copying a program has become herculean task as you need to copy 100 of includes and then at last you get messages "Enhancement implementations cannot be copied".

But sap is making life miserable of developers day by day.Finally I would like to change from sap technology.

Plain fact,nobody likes complexity and knowledge of 5-6 programming languages/tools/platform to achieve trivial tasks.It gives you a feeling of heartattack even on listening a requirement from someone.Majorily because we are not in age where customer can afford to wait for even 15 days to meet a single requirement.Please suggest,should I leave sap or what next career could I aim for ??