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Mar 31, 2020 at 10:10 AM

How do I get at the database dump history of a Sybase ASE system in ABAP?


We have a simple ABAP report that reads the dates of the last database dumps and various backup statistics. This works fine for Hana and MS Sequel systems, but we would like the do the same for a Sybase ASE system.The function /SDF/SYB_BACKUP_HIST_NEW looks promising but it has the following in it:

* code not to be executed

at the top, so it's clearly not in use at the moment.

I can see the data in the DBA Cockpit, but it's within a webdynpro session and a swine to get at, so I'm not sure how it's reading the data. There are a whole range of functions that seem to be Sybase related, but I can't see them being used anywhere on the box at all. Most of them either don't run at all, or dump if run. None of them have any useful comments or documentation to describe what they do or if one should be using them...!