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This Array Must be Scripted Error

Feb 15, 2017 at 05:46 AM


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I am working on SAP B1 report and I need to change parameter in Selection screen to use check box which I've done by changing parameter settings with Multiple Values Selection :

Previously this 'item' field was appearing in drop down which I don't want now.. I want check boxes for this I made changes in parameter on report like this:

unfortunately I am getting error on executing this report

on screen :

on back end there is issue occurring in this formula of report :

Any help would be highly appreciated please..



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2 Answers

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Abhilash Kumar
Feb 15, 2017 at 10:16 AM

Hi Sana,

Now that you've made the prompt to accept multiple values, you'd also need to modify the formula that displays the selected value.

If you want those selected values to be displayed as a comma-separated string, replace the highlighted part in your LAST screenshot with:

Join({?pay_term@ select pymntgroup from octg}, ', ')


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Hello Abhilash,

Now I am getting this error

5.jpg (156.0 kB)

Alright error resolved, but I am not getting any data after changes in formula.

Here is my formula :

If (not HasValue({?pay_term@ select pymntgroup from octg}))
or isNULL({?pay_term@ select pymntgroup from octg})
"<b>Payment Terms</b> : ALL"
"<b><font size = 10>Payment Term:</font></b> " & Join({?pay_term@ select pymntgroup from octg}, ', ')

This is I am getting :

Please help!

6.jpg (175.1 kB)

This formula only 'displays' values you select in the prompt.

If you don't see any data, you'd need to look at the Record Selection Formula if you're reporting directly against tables/views or the actual SQL query if you're reporting against a Command SQL to see where the issue is.



Abhilash thank you for your response.

When I am not selecting any check box item, data is appearing on report including 'All' items but when I am selecting few items data not appearing on report. Screen shots attached.

Yes you're right there is something wrong in record selection formula please have a look and guide me as I am a beginner.

Here is my record selection formula with highlighted part for that particular parameter.

7.jpg (225.0 kB)
8.jpg (171.9 kB)

Please post this as a new discussion and also paste this selection formula in the thread.


Abhilash Kumar
Feb 15, 2017 at 11:27 AM

I may have typed the prompt name incorrectly (Or there could be spaces I'm missing).

Please replace the highlighted part of the string in your screenshot above with the actual prompt name on your report.


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