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Mar 23, 2020 at 11:53 AM

SAP Marketing: Few Questions About Landing Pages

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We are currently working with SAP Marketing 1809 (On-Prem) to create a landing page. This landing page should then be deployed to our webserver. I am currently preparing the concept and I have some questions which could not be answered by searching the web. I had a look on the corresponding topic in the integration guide, however, it did not help me.

1. How can I handle translations?

When I create a new landing page content via the "Content Studio" app, I can select one language. But how can I support multi languages for my landing page? I could not find any version option how it exists for email content for example.

2. How does the double opt-out process for subscriptions work?

In the Content Studio, I can add some permission property to the landing page. For this property I can define "Subscription" as type, select a communication category and choose the "Double Opt-Out" action if the property is selected. But how is the process of this double opt-out? Will SAP Marketing automatically send an email with corresponding unsubscription link to the user if the check box is selected. How can I configure the content of this email? Is there some customizing available?

3. Is the unsubscription possible with only email (without first and last name)?

I get some warning ("Email address is shareable; specify first and last name") in the Content Studio when I add only a field for the email adress and the permission check box. I would like to unsubscribe all contacts from the communication category who have the entered email adresse assigned. Can I do this with SAP Marketing or does the unsubscription only work if I add email adress, first name and last name?

4. How must the .js file be adapted?

In the integration guide you can read that the .js file needs to be adapted. The base path needs to be replaced with the path of the web service. Does this mean that you need to add the path to the web service where the main logic is defined (collecting the user input from the landing page request, create http-request to SAP Marketing)?

5. What logic is implemented in the CUAN_CONTENT_PAGE_RESULT_SRV oData service?

The sample implementation of the web service executes some request to the ResultHeaders entity of the CUAN_CONTENT_PAGE_RESULT_SRV oData service. What does this service then do? Does it e.g. prepare and send the confirmation email for the unsubscription? And is it also used when the link in the unsubscription email is clicked?

If you have some further helpful links in regards to the landing page implementation with SAP Marketing (1809), please let me know.

Thank you for the help!