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Return order Discount price is not divide by return Quantity.

Dear friends I have a problem,

I create sales invoice with fix discount amount. It’s means discount given by invoice header level. Assume Invoice contain,

Item A - 3 qty . and header level condition type discount 300 USD.

After sales 1 qty item return then,

we will create Return sales order reference by the above created invoice.

But Item A Return Qty 1 also getting item level discount value 300 USD.

This is wrong configuration of the discount condition type.

Correct discount value in sales return order should be 300USD / 3 *1 = 100USD.

Please let me know what is correct configuration predict the above result. I attached my condition configuration in V/06 .dis-condtion.jpg

dis-condtion.jpg (133.7 kB)
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  • I'm afraid you'll need to do much more research on this in your own system. The attached screenshot only shows the pricing condition screen. Surely you must understand that there is much more involved in this, e.g. pricing procedure, copy control, etc. There is pricing analysis available in SD transactions to help with research.

    Kindly make some effort and try some possible solutions yourself first. Then if there is still an issue then come back with more specific question.

    This scenario certainly should be covered in SD manuals and literature. Search for similar posts on SCN as well. Simply posting requirements and expecting a solution is not a proper use of SCN, sorry.

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