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Excel import for Traceability links between columns?

Is there any way how to import Traceability links connecting columns in one model using standard Excel import? (i.e. column is on both ends of Traceability link). I managed to import Traceability links between tables (see attached screenshot of excel file),

but I am not successful doing the same between Columns. I tried several different setups/layouts of excel file, various definitions of parent objects, using qualified names like <table_name>.<column_name>, but without success. Do you have any advice for this? Has anyone succeeded in importing traceability links to columns or any other sub-objects using Excel import?

Btw. When a traceability link on a column is created, its parent is not that column, but the model.

Thanks in advance,


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  • This is very strange - I've tried importing Traceability Links into a CDM, and the issue appears to be that it fails to register when you select a sub-object metaclass for the source or linked object.

    I used the File/ Import menu to start the Excel Import wizard; when I selected Entity.Entity Object as the type of linked object, the following messages appeared in the output window:

    The following error occurred while executing the script for computed attribute
    "Profile\ExtendedSubObject\Stereotypes\ColumnMapping\Criteria\ReferenceOrRelationship\Extended Attributes\RefClassName":
    Microsoft VBScript runtime error
    Invalid procedure call or argument (0x800A0005)
    At line 5206, character 16

    I manually edited the mappings in the Excel Import object and no matter what type of sub-object I selected before pressing <OK>, it just didn't apply my input.

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