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Mar 22, 2020 at 07:04 AM

Transaction posting in Letter of credit (Treasury)


Hi All,

I have configured LC under Treasury --> Trade finance. I have created a deal with product type 85A for LC and settled the same but when im running TBB1 system is not generating accounting entries. It is giving below success message.

Above run is a test run, even if i do update run still it is giving same success message but no accounting document is generate.

After running TBB1 (update run) if I go and check the cash flow tab in deal it is appearing as below.

I would really appreciate if you could answer my below quires

1. It is saying "Fixed (not relevant for posting)", does it mean that these transactions wont post any accounting entries ?

2. If so, then how the accounting entries will be logged in SAP system ? Or is there any other t.code to be run for posting accounting entries for LC ?

3. Since im new to this process, It would be good if anyone could explain the steps need to be done after creating and settling the LC deal. Like what are the transactions should be posted, when it should be posted and what will be the journal entries ?

4. Is there any separate config is needed in "Account determination" for LC?

Thank you,



tbb1-lc.png (32.8 kB)
ftr-lc.png (81.9 kB)