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Mar 19, 2020 at 09:15 AM

Adobe Forms how to hide empty QR Code in table rows


Dear SAP Community,

I am currently working for the first time with SAP Adobe Forms and I am trying to generate a list of inbound deliveries generated as QR Codes so it would be easier for people working with scanners to just scan a delivery and it's products without having them to type it in. I already made it that far that I could create the relation from an import internal table to a table output in the form to generate QR Codes. Right now everything is fine.

But now I have some table fields in my form which sometimes are empty from my importing internal table. As they are empty, I don't want to have them generate as QR Codes as it might cause confusion among the workers.

I already found a similar thread with this issue, and it was mentioned that I should use a script inside the form and use the value "Presence":

Hide the QR code in sap Adobe forms if there is no data

I can do a little bit of javascript but I don't know which event and which element I need to put it in.

I tried to put the script directly into the row element and just tried, how it would look if I would set Presence to hidden.

But I am not happy with the results. The QR code is now not generated, but removed the complete column which now screws up the alignment with the header:

Is there any other way to hide the QR Code itself without removing the complete column?

Thanks for every reply in advance.

BR, Andreas


empty-qr-codes.png (32.1 kB)
qr-code-hidden.png (28.6 kB)