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creating patch


i would like to create patch for 1st time, but i try to enable the patch, there is warning message

from the message state that it will disable original solution and remove scoping.

now my question is:

1. current project is closed, should i create change project for this? and rescope again? even though bac file is same

2. after enable patch and tested ok, should i assemble the patch which means there are 2 solution (original and patch) and which means production also have 2 solution after i upload later.

3. if there are 2 solutions in production, should i enable it (patch solution) manually

4. as per my understanding, all data from custom BO will be invisible/gone, is there any auto process copy data from original?



patch.jpg (35.5 kB)
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    Posted on Mar 19 at 07:59 AM

    1. After creating and enabling the patch solution the original solution along with every data linked to it is hidden (until you re-enable it). So from a data standpoint you're starting over. So yes, re-scope.

    2. When you Assemble and Download the patch solution the assembled file will have everything in the patch solution (and ONLY that solution) BUT everything will be renamed to the original solution ID. So if you upload it in PRD you will only upload 1 solution.

    3. Not applicable.

    4. No copy. You start over.

    5; Yes. That is why I recommend moving to a patch solution as soon as possible, before you start scoping and preparing data.

    Extra: We (at Delaware) have requested and started using a Development Tenant. Positives: All solutions are "Patch Solutions" immediately. Independent of Customer Tenants. You can develop a solution for any Customer ID, so the Test Tenant doesn't need to be ready to start developing. Negatives: You cannot use a "References" file to reference Adaptation Mode fields in code. Every customer solution is grouped up on the same tenant -> may be untenable in the future. If someone Assembles and Downloads a solution the other devs cannot do db operations like add fields until they're done downloading, even if they're working in a completely unrelated solution.

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