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Mar 12, 2020 at 12:03 PM

Changing Standard Position Text Field (HRP1000-STEXT) Length


Dear Folks,

There is ask from my Customer to increase the Position Text field (HRP1000-STEXT) length from 40 to 80. I understand we already have some threads, recommending that it is better to avoid the change, and if we still need the change, using IT1002(Descriptions) is mentioned to be the preferred approach.

My question here is;

  1. Can we update the field length of the Standard Position Text field (HRP1000-STEXT) from 40 to 80?
  2. If I can update, would it impact the existing Position data already present?
  3. If I can update, and as it is one of the Foundation table for Org. Mgmt Data, will it impact the integrations with other modules like PA, Payroll etc., and any other impact that we need to be aware because of this change in the Standard field.

Kindly help me clarify these questions, so that we can work on the possible options.