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Mar 13, 2020 at 09:53 PM

How to create a third ODATA service with schemas and applications java in the SCP?


Hello experts,

I have generated two odata services using eclipse. To do this, create a dynamic web Project and enable persistence.xml. After that I created the tables one by one in classes and then added them to the persistence.xml. I exported it in a .war file and imported it in the Java applications section in the SCP. I established a join with a binding schema that I created earlier and it generated the URL with the all functional odata.



Similarly, I generated another odata (odataent). Now I would like to create a third odata. The problem is that I reached the maximum quota for java applications and therefore I cannot use the same steps that I implemented. My question is: Is there any other way to generate additional odata service in my situation?

PD:I can only generate schemas in the region that I am.

Another question regarding the topic:

When I connect to the schematics through SAP HANA DEVELOPMENT, I cannot access the content, nor the repositories section. This is because I do not have the necessary authorization for my user. The users who grant this type of authorization are SYSTEM or administrators. However, a password is required to access. How can I obtain these passwords if a password was never registered when creating the scheme or enabling the service?


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