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Feb 15, 2017 at 12:43 AM

Capped absence quotas



I have an issue with capped absence quotas and I was hoping someone could help.

We have a group of employees who should receive an absence quota of 10 days sick leave each year, up to a maximum remaining balance of 20 days.

We use a time management PCR to cap these sick leave quotas at 20 days.

I can’t seem to meet all our requirements because the HRS operand FR20C reads the remaining quota balance as at the current processing date rather than the remaining quota balance as at the last entitlement date. This means that as absences are entered, time evaluation reassesses and adjusts previously capped quotas despite the fact that these absences were entered with dates after the quota entitlement date.

Our PCR looks like this (‘ZMXS3’ is the 20 day cap):


We can see the following processing:

02.05.2011 10 day entitlement , balance = 10 days
01.06.2011 1 day absence, balance = 9 days
02.05.2012 10 day entitlement , balance = 19 days
01.06.2012 1 day absence, balance = 18 days (capped using above PCR)
02.05.2013 2 day entitlement, balance = 20 days
01.06.2013 1 day absence, balance = 19 days
01.06.2013 Time evaluation now increases the 02.05.2013 entitlement to 3 days

There doesn’t seem to be any way to check quota balance as at the entitlement date. Google frequently refers to FR20C in order to cap balances, and users have mentioned the unavailability of this balance. PE02 F1 screens offer no alternatives to FR20C.

Any help would be appreciated.