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Feb 28, 2020 at 02:59 AM

System Copy Import error "The check of the control user password failed"


Hello Experts,

During the System import (R3load method) in target system, we're facing the error "The check of the control user password failed. Check logfile SdbCmdOut.log or XCMDOUT.LOG (depending on which one exists on your system)." after entering the Passwords for MaxDB database users. We mean, the Control user new Password, is not acccepting with this method. We already tested the same Password in the newly installed database of target System and the DBM user is successfully connected to the database.

More Information can be found in attached screenshots.

Any steps related to database or System import are missing?

Any ideas are appreciated.




db-users.png (98.3 kB)
error.png (45.3 kB)