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Download large spool

Hi Experts,

I have a need to download spool with 3000 pages in txt or pdf without having memory issues. Have tried to download the spool using RSTXPDFT4 onto my desktop. It has downloaded the txt file but in binary format. Converted that spool using RSTXPDFT5 to PDF and then tried to download from RSTXPDFT4 but still the same binary format. Please help me in this regard to download the 3000 pages spool in readable format (not binary) to either to my desktop or file server in foreground without any memory issue or else to the file server in the background. I can think of a custom program to do the work, but wanted to avoid and see if standard way possible.



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  • Your question is confusing: a PDF is a binary format, so how could you get a PDF which wouldn't be a binary format? RSTXPDFT5 is not a converter, it's just to download the PDF spool generated by RSTXPDFT4.

    PS: I don't understand why you're talking about memory issues? First, make it work, then later you'll check the memory issues.

  • hi,

    You can't use report RSTXPDFT4 which converts spool to PDF format, you know by Adobe.

    And then expect the file to be magically in TXT format.

    Try to open the downloaded file in adobe acrobat reader (should be free) and see if this satisfies the requirement.

    Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

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