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Apr 09, 2006 at 07:22 AM

Error -2054 Either BOF or EOF have been reached. (What triggers it???)


Hi... I created an addon (DI+UI), but for what that seem quite random I get the following error message:

<b>Either BOF or EOF have been reached.</b>

BOF or EOF is of cause the DI Recordset properties (or bo-browser)

The error seem to be completly random but seems to be linked to when I open a window i SBO (FormLoad item event), but after the error (that doesn't stop the addon) and I try to open the same window the error doent pop up...

I have without success tried some code to force the error but I can't trigger it (Tried making a movenext on an empty recordset and getting from an empty recordset, but none of those gave the correct error)...

Anyone know when this error is triggered, or could it be a bug in the SDK?

Running SDK2005A in C#