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Feb 20, 2020 at 05:51 PM

GUI scripting - "Upload from Clipboard" fails when desktop is locked


Hello! I have some Excel VBA macros that run SAP reports via GUI scripting, and for the past year they have been running via Windows Task Scheduler on a couple of old Windows 7 PCs, unattended, with locked desktops, without issue. Now I'm trying to move these to Windows 10, and it seems that any scripts that involve clicking SAP's "Upload from Clipboard" button silently fail to upload any data from the clipboard when the Windows desktop is locked. It still works fine with an unlocked desktop,

but if I schedule a task for 1 minute in the future and quickly lock my desktop, the “Upload from Clipboard” button click will not upload any data. There's no error message or anything -- it just doesn't paste anything into the GUI.

Any thoughts? I've tried it on Windows 10 1803 (with 32-bit Excel) and 1809 (with 64-bit Excel). SAP is 7400.3.8.3346. Thanks!