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Feb 25, 2020 at 12:55 AM

SAP CPI SFTP Receiver Channel Error - Linux/Unix/MAC OSX text transfer contained a CR character.'


pgp-encryption-without-armored.pngHi All,

I am trying to transfer files to SFTP Server using CPI's SFTP Receiver Channel. Files come to CPI from Unix box.

SFTP mailbox requires the files to be PGP Encrypted and ‘ASCI Armoured’, with each line ending with CRLF.

I use PGP Encryption provided in CPI, with the following settings(Screenshot Attached), but I get the following error message:

Linux/Unix/MAC OSX text transfer contained a CR character.

Following thing happen:

  1. Files sent without any PGP encryption is accepted by the receiver, and we see no issues there
  2. Files sent ‘with’ encryption and armored is rejected by the receiver
  3. Files sent with encryption, but without being armored look to be accepted by the receiver

Referred the following blog, but with no luck

Thank you very much!