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Feb 19, 2020 at 02:14 PM

ADT 3.8.2 Debugger not triggering


ABAP Business Object Tools (Developer Edition)1.99.1

SAP ABAP Connectivity And Integration Development Tools (Developer Edition)1.115.1

ABAP Core Development Tools (Developer Edition)3.8.3

ABAP Development Tools for SAP HANA (Developer Edition)3.8.2

ABAP Development Tools for Web Dynpro (Developer Edition)1.115.1

BW Modeling Tools Integration with SAP HANA Studio (Developer Edition)

BW Modeling Workbench (Developer Edition)

BW Query Designer (Developer Edition)

Eclipse: Version: 2019-12 (4.14.0) Build id: 2019 1212-1212

Backend: SAP_ABA 750 0013 SAPK-75013INSAPABA Cross-Application Component

Everything up to date (at time of writing).

See Mike Pokraka's question here: (Also pinging Armin Beil )

I'm in the same state as Mike was: debugger has stopped working in most cases. I'm setting break points in ABAP Unit test methods. The only way they trigger, is if open a SAPGui session in eclipse, and run the unit tests from there - then I get into the Eclipse debug perspective. Otherwise, even BREAK... is ignored.

And I have the same issue as Mike regarding opening incidents.