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Feb 18, 2020 at 08:58 AM

Identify mappings that contains deprecated functions during PO 7.5 upgrade from PO 7.4


Hello All,

We are looking to migrate from SAP PO 7.4 SP19 to SAP PO 7.5 SP15. Since the JDK version changes from 6 to 8 during the upgrade, we need to assess if any of the existing mappings (udf, java mappings) have used any of the functions that have been deprecated as of JDK 8.

From our understanding, there are 3 places where we need to search for deprecated function use.

1. User defined functions in mappings

2. Java Mappings

3. Custom Adapter Modules

For item 1: User defined functions in mappings

We have used Michal's blog as a reference to take a dump of all mappings in our landscape. Since we have more than 2800 message mappings and since simplequery gives the output as an HTML file with each mapping object linked as XML with source code embedded inside an XML tag in an encoded, zipped format, its not an easy job to get to the final source code in order to search for deprecated functions.

Is there an easier way to achieve this?

For item 2 : Java Mappings

Is there a simplequery like functionality to extract source code of all Java Mappings?

For item 3 : Custom Adapter Modules

We are planning to go through each of them one by one as we just have around 10 custom modules in our landscape.

Thanks in advance!