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Feb 15, 2020 at 06:15 PM

EPM DIMENSION Override and Local Members


Hello All,

I have the below scenario for which I am trying to find a workaround.

As per our EPM conversion logic, any cost centre that has the value 8 on the 3rd byte is mapped to the Business Function XXXX. As per this logic, the BPC load and everything are working as expected.

However, the business had come up with a request to get the mapping changed to the business function YYYY when the cost centres have 8 as its third letter so that the periodic values which are currently populated under Business Function XXXX is visible under YYYY.

As we do not want to go ahead and change the conversion logic at this moment, I am looking for a workaround.


Below Costcenters are currently mapped to Business Function XXXX.

Costcenters >> Business Function

AI8698523 >> XXXX

AI8698524 >> XXXX

AI8698525 >> XXXX

AI8698526 >> XXXX

Expected Result:

Costcenters >> Business Function

AI8698523 >> YYYY

AI8698524 >> YYYY

AI8698525 >> YYYY

AI8698526 >> YYYY

My understanding:

Option -1

I believe I can make use of EPM DIMENSION OVERRIDE function. However, as I need to deal with two different dimensions, I am not sure whether it would work.

Option - 2

Using the Local Members to handle the logic. But, I am not sure how to get this implemented in the user's report that has sheets with both dynamic and static nature.

Kindly share your thoughts on this.

I may not be able to share the screenshot of the user's reports over here so kindly bear me with me.

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Thanks, Vin.